Kvetch, Kvetch, Kvetch

What is it with people?  The flap about Obama speaking to students has me wondering if we, as a nation, can survive. It is so discouraging. I tried writing a letter to the editor about it … but there’s no arguing with delusion.  There is no application of logic that will get through.

Need to let it go … because I am equally sure that those who would ban this president from speaking to school kids have no problem with the former VP endorsing torture.  Fear fuels phantasmagorias of illogic and hatred.  Is it a cacophony of a small number of very, very shrill and angry people?  Or is this destructive and delusional hatred representative of a large component of the populace?

I actually think the din represents a smaller number of people than you’d think, given the decibels and the attention they get.  If only some responsible Republicans would step forward and speak out, it would be a huge relief – but I don’t see that happening.  Where are you guys?  Where are the moderate Republicans?  Are you going to let your party die at the hands of extremists?

Maybe more moderate Republicans need to jump ship.  I don’t see a place for them in the shrinking tent that is the GOP.

So, anyway … for the sake of my sanity and my blood pressure, I am going to try to ignore the shrill fray fomented by the right wing and focus more on the good work being done slowly but surely by the judicial system … gradually closing in on the people who have ignored the Constitution and run roughshod over this country’s laws and reputation in recent years.  Dickie, John, Alberto … maybe Dubya, too … get ready guys … you’re in for some fricking tough times … and there are few, if any, people more deserving.  The system is working – even while the maelstrom of public opinion whirls and swirls on the airwaves and in the ether … full of sound and fury, and signifying pretty much nothing.  The system plods along … and the noose tightens … so I am fervently hoping!

Then there’s this bit of near-sanity, as Al Franken talks down an angry hoard of teabaggers and actually has a discussion.  Imagine!  I suppose it is possible … though I’m not so sure that I could manage it.


Red Sox and Phillies continue their parallel lives – both getting lambasted last night.

In the Euros, Germany moved on with a win yesterday, and Norway was the surprise (to me) winner over Sweden.  Next up, England vs. Netherlands (tomorrow) and Germany vs. Norway.

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