Take Cover Today, Keep Your Kids Home, Lock the Doors!

Yes, the terrifying fact is that the President is going to speak to school children today.

Caring parents everywhere in the States are taking steps to protect their progeny from this possibly quite harmful event.  (In NH, consideration is being given to reporting parents who allow their children to attend school and risk exposure to Obama’s speech.)

I certianly hope that everyone has heeded the warnings from pundits on the right … because we all know how scarring inadvertant contact with intelligible thoughts and ideas can be.

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4 Responses to Take Cover Today, Keep Your Kids Home, Lock the Doors!

  1. Yep – control … but I do think control is layered over fear (and, of course, anger) for a lot of folks. Dangerous and volatile mixtures. And I do hope the kids rebel and break out of the narrow confines of their parents’ worldviews!


  2. AMR says:

    I think it’s not a fear of exposure to a variety of ideas but, rather, a way to have control. They conservatives are taking whatever “victories” they can get at this point. If that means preventing their kids from hearing how important they are, that’s ok as long as they can “rebel” in some way.

    I just want to know, at what point, do we “grow” up?


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    That’s just perfect – thanks for sharing it!

    Why are people so terrified of their kids being exposed to a variety of ideas? Are they, on some level, aware of their own bankruptcy on that front, do you think?


  4. AMR says:

    I heard that all students today will receive a special treat as they walk through their doors:


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