You'd Think …

… that the Euros were pretty much all there is that’s newsworthy in the world, if you limited yourself to JordanCornblog.  It’s just that with healthcare denial the apparent top priority of Congress, and Obama dangerously on the prowl, accosting schoolchildren with his socialist ideas … I’m basically too discouraged and/or angry to write about anything other than England’s history-making run on the soccer pitch.

Is that so wrong?

Learned from MLD yesterday that the BBC will be showing (on TV and the web) the England-Germany match tomorrow.  I assume it’s also be available at the justintv link I posted on Saturday (just scroll down, it’s there).  I’ll be at work … so if I can follow at all, it’ll be on the matchtracker on the uefa site.

And ChristopherCornblog sent me a nice video yesterday … would that we could gain some traction and get this done!


PS – Congrats RPE and SK!!!!  ;>)

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2 Responses to You'd Think …

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hope it streams mightily for you. I’m going to see if we by any remote chance get the BBC here and can tape the match. Kinda doubt it … and turns out I’m probably going to be away from my office during the game, too. DANG!


  2. boltgirl says:

    I’ll be at work too. Luckily, I work in an isolated cave at the very end of the building and my boss doesn’t really care what’s streaming as long as I get reports written on time. So I hope justintv works!


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