Awesome Speech, POTUS … and Shame on You Joe Wilson

Obama was just great last night, IMHO — clear, inspiring, presidential.  I am still amazed to hear complex thoughts uttered from that bully pulpit, having (unfortunately) gotten used to the smirking chimp.

Joe Wilson, meanwhile, is an embarrassment.  Between Joe and the antics of their Guv, South Carolina definitely needs to hire a PR firm.

I’m late (again) … but here’s a reminder that England is set to play Germany today in the Euro final.  BBC is televising (but we don’t get it … blah!)

Here’s Kelly Smith’s lowdown on her teammates … go England!!

Oh, yeah – and the Phantastic Phootball Phanatics get underway tonight as the NFL season opens.  Oh my!

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7 Responses to Awesome Speech, POTUS … and Shame on You Joe Wilson

  1. Stephen says:

    Wow, you know you’ve made the big time when the trolls hit your blog!

    So, gentlemen (and I use the term loosely) please clarify where Obama has lied for us? Given that there appear to be “a bundle of lies and contradictions” can you please present one here for us to discuss? I’d love to have some civilized discourse on these prevarications so we can get to the heart of the core issues surrounding health care.

    As a side note, Nathan, “liberals” as you call them care significantly about what the President stands for, which is why many of them have been calling on Mr. Obama for some time to come out and clarify where he stands on health care. He has done so.

    It’s a shame an uncivilized and belligerent jackass is your hero, perhaps you should reconsider your stance on that?


  2. JordanCornblog says:

    Hi Nathan … I was being ironic. Sorry it was so confusing and upsetting for you.


  3. Nathan says:

    Yeah…because that’s what white people care about in a President…is he cool????! That is so ridiculous. Unfortunately, the liberals in this country are so fixated on the anti-Bush persona of Obama that they couldn’t care less what he stands for. Obama lies about healthcare…it is classic politic-talk…Wilson is my hero for calling him out on it!


  4. JordanCornblog says:

    Dear Obamamorons,
    You make a whole bunch of odd and disjointed allegations in your comment. Any evidence for any of them? Please share some of the background if you actually want to discuss. If you simply want to rant, it’s a free country – but you’re losing my interest really, really fast.


  5. Obamamorons says:

    Why are there so many stupid sheeple in the world?

    Obama is the dumbest moron ever to live in the WH. He thinks we have 57 states, thinks doctors get $50K to cut someone’s limb off and was a bundle of lies and contradictions last night as usual. Glad someone had the guts to shout out the truth!

    Everything this monster maniacal one-worlder is a huge lie…but then again he is only doing what his puppet masters in the EU are telling him to.

    One nation unders Soros the Nazi, yep that’s what we have now.


  6. JordanCornblog says:

    Boy, I’ll say- that is wonderful news and a great outcome.

    I was reading somewhere that the dorky white guys hate Obama, not for substantive reasons but simply because he is just so much cooler than they are … and always will be. Apparently it really gets under their skin! ;>)


  7. Alison Scott says:

    Thanks, Jordy, for the link to the Huffington Post. I was gratified to read the following in Laurie Kellman’s article entitled: “Joe Wilson Denounced By Lawmakers On Both Sides Of Aisle”

    :The reaction to Wilson’s outburst, nevertheless, was punishing – even without the specter of official House action.

    His Web site crashed, he took a beating on Twitter as Republicans and Democrats alike condemned his behavior.

    Back on Wilson’s home turf, the uproar turned into a boon for Democrat Rob Miller, his opponent in next year’s midterm elections.

    In the first 24 hours after Wilson’s outburst, Miller’s campaign coffers swelled by $200,000, according to Jessica Santillo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The contribution, she said, came in from 5,000 individual contributions.”

    All’s well that ends well. Now for the next round!


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