Tea and Lies

Glad to see teabaggers being called on more lies this morning, as they have apparently been shamelessly exaggerating the numbers of teabaggers who showed up in DC to vociferate yesterday.  Or maybe it was just a miscount … easy to mistake 60,000 people for 1.5 million.

It’s the kind of honest mistake that might be made by someone who is also prone to snatching phrases like “Nazi” and “death panels” out of thin air and using them as weapons.  Or folks who are inclined to cite God, Jesus and the Bible to back up every hateful and hairbrained idea that percolates up from their festering, repressed and rageful subconsciousnesses.

Bury ObamacareNasty folks, these.  If you disagree with them, watch how ugly and extreme things get … like this sign … free speech or a veiled, racist-ish death threat?  Nasty, nasty stuff.

But anyway, yup – easy to confuse 60,000 and 1.5 million people.  Honest mistake.  Not a lie.  Goodness no.

What I still don’t get is … if it’s not racism or sheer partisanship, what are they all so riled up about?  Where were they when Bush did his tax cut thing … or put us into debt?  Why now?  Why healthcare?



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1 Response to Tea and Lies

  1. boltgirl says:

    I wondered the same thing yesterday when I saw the Chicago Tribune’s picture of oh-so-riled-up older white people suddenly incensed about the possibility of their tax dollars going to help the least of these, my brothers, instead of paying Blackwater to gun down civilians. Such as.


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