Monday Musings

I’m working from my “basement office” today because our floors are being buffed and poly-urethaned.  An adventure.  Ruby is with me, under house arrest, as she has already helped herself to part of one of the guys’ lunches (a feat she accomplished while Willie and I were walking down the driveway to get the paper).  She is, needless to say, perturbed.

FFootball got off to a great start (from my perspective) with 2 Blitzen’ Babes cleaning up – at least through last night.  My prediction?  Brattybeaglebutts will give us a run for our money before tomorrow morning … with 4 players yet-to-play … and most of ’em being from the Pats (who go against the seemingly hapless Bills tonight).  I do think you should bench Welker, tho’ … unless you know something I don’t, Brattybb.

My only other comments will be limited to the glimpse of Jay Cutler that I got last night watching the first half hour or so of the Bears vs the Vikings.  I found him a thoroughly dislikable character.  Judging from his body language (and what I heard from by FFootball chat buddies) he has the smarts, self-awareness, and sense of team play that we’ve come to expect from the likes of the teabaggers.

Yikes – his antics may be more annoying (and certainly far less entertaining) than TO’s!

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4 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. Stephen says:

    Not sure if you’ll see this today, but for some reason I can’t comment on the “teabagger” post above. Fix it plz!! 🙂


  2. Alice says:

    The things you think you know when you don’t know the half of it! Thanks for the link (I think).


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    Actually, I did not know the full richness of the expression. As far as I can tell, all of the meanings fit … love it!
    Thanks so much for expanding my vocabulary, not to mention my enjoyment of current events!


  4. AMR says:

    I can’t keep a straight face every time you use the word “teabagger”. I’m assuming you know what you’re referencing but, if you are not sure what’s so funny, I would suggest you look into the act of “teabagging”.


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