I Don't Really Want to Keep Talking About John Edwards

Nor do I really want to keep reading about him.  But it appears he is going to be back in the news for a bit longer.  Boy do I feel duped by John and Elizabeth.

And then there’s the re-emergence of the Divine Ms. P. – speechifying in Hong Kong.  Perhaps there will be links to follow – perhaps not.  (I am trying to quell my Palin Poop Proclivities!)

Lake work1On a more positive note, work on the house at the lake continues apace – and might even be finished up by the weekend according to the latest from HollyCornblog.

Here’s a photo of what the floor-less first floor area looked like on Monday.

By today it may all be replaced and strengthened with nice new beams and a hefty pier or two in the middle of the house (something that was sorely lacking through the first 107 years of its existence!

Lake Work2The floor will be insulated, and much more solid … and hopefully this will mean that the place holds together for another 107 years (or so).

To be continued …

In addition to the work at the lake, the solar panels here at PHC are nearly all set (or so it appears). I got home in the dark last night, so haven’t had a good look yet – but will post some pictures in the near future.

On the FFootball front, I am falling down on the Trash Talking responsibilities … time, time, time – gotta make time for the trash!  With the exception of strongersmarter and Pliny, everyone in the Phantastic Phootball Phanatics is at 1-1 heading into Week 3 (when, presumably, we’ll begin to see some separation).  And hey, Seacoast Salukis – what are you doing taking my Eagles defense???!!!!  ;>)


And so it goes …

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2 Responses to I Don't Really Want to Keep Talking About John Edwards

  1. Ah, I see … it was HollyCornblog who lost me my D! ;>) (I had a feeling when I let them go that I’d lose ’em – at least for awhile. What will you do next week, though??)

    The solar panels are amazing. I’ll try to get a picture up – if not this morning, maybe tomorrow.

    Hope you have a great day … and definitely “see” you on Sunday at some point!


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    Well, Since Pliny beats me on all my waiver requests I had to do something…My team is feeble so far so I am betting on some sleepers to help me thru. See you online sunday??
    Can’t wait to see the solar panel pics


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