More Lake Pics!

Peak BeforeLast night HollyCornblog sent along some more pictures of progress on the lake house.

Work continues to move along at a very impressive clip!

The pair of photos that I found most impressive (and sobering) show the peak of the roof of this 107 year old ediface.

The first photo is of the peak BEFORE the work at the base of the house started …

Peak Now… and the second is from yesterday.  If you click on the pictures (those of you who have an interest), you can see how much it’s pulling together,

(It’s scary/sobering to see where things were headed.)

In addition, HollyCornblog reports that she is now the proud owner of a Betsie Bay Kayak.

How a 17-foot kayak can weigh in at 29-33 lbs is flabbergasting, eh?

Running late – as usual – so TTFN!

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