The weather is nice (here in New England at least) and my running regimen seems to be going pretty well.  News of the world continues to be singularly uninspiring and/or disturbing.  There are MacKenzie Phillips’ revelations … and then the backlash that she anticipated (but is still pretty sick stuff to read).  There is the news out of Afghanistan.  There is the Wall Street mess … and then our Senators putting on a show of incompetence and lack of scruples, masked as concern for our well-being.

But yes, the weather sure has been nice … and the running is going well …. and there isone piece of fantastic news today – it’s HollyCornblog’s Birthday!

1FloorOh, and in other good news, the work at the lake continues at an amazing pace.

Here’s the latest picture of the progress on the floor … HollyCornblog says it’s about halfway done.

And you know what?

I’m late … again.

Beeg – I’m coming!!!

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1 Response to HAPPY BIRTHDAY HollyCornblog!

  1. HollyCornblog says:

    Thanks JordanCornblog for your good wishes:-)


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