Soccer Stuff

Looks like another beautiful September day as apple crisp bakes downstairs, the sun rises here, and we get ready to head up to Bates for some NESCAC Soccer.  Go Bobcats!

In WPS Soccer news, I see that the Germans are sitting out another WPS season.  Fine, be that way!  (Is it me, but does this seem kinda rigid and, er, Germanic?)

1Floor DoneUp at the lake, the floor is all done and, from what we hear, very, very solid.

HollyCornblog says we can now jump in the house.

Thank goodness, as I have been finding it harder and harder to avoid jumping as the years have gone on!  (I am sure that many readers of JordanCornblog feel the same way, eh?)

1Floor Done2She and CharlieHopBrew are going up there today to poly the floor and do some kayaking.  I hope the weather stays sunny for ’em!

Meanwhile, as I edge my way back to reading some news, I must say that I kind of enjoyed perusing the Clintons’ enemies list.  Remembering back to those days, with the constant drip, drip, drip of stuff like Whitewater, it’s no wonder that his frustration broke out colorfully from time to time.  I particularly enjoyed reading his assessment of Dubya …

Though he admired Dubya’s political skills, Clinton found him to be cold in private. At a White House dinner, Clinton found Bush “miserable and hostile the whole time.” “Of course, he’s never forgiven me for beating his father,” Clinton told Branch, “but that’s about as deep as his political conviction gets. All this ‘compassionate conservative’ business is phony.”

Phony, indeed.  I wonder if Dubya has the requisite grey matter to be phony.  Lately I’ve been thinking that perhaps all the drinking actually led to some brain damage – and we’ll be discovering, somewhere down the road, that like Reagan, this GOP luminary was demented for some portion of his time in office.

Or, another way to put it … without Karl Rove, what’s left of Bush’s brain?

I’m just sayin’.

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