All Done

1FloorDoneHollyCornblog sent a new batch of photos of the finished (re)construction work at the lake … and it’s looking amazingly good.  They did a stellar job.  If anyone is looking for someone to do this kind of work in the Cobleskill/Middleburgh/Renselaerville NY area, I’d highly recommend Terry Bartholemew.  (HollyCornblog can help you reach him, if need be.)

Here’s just one photo of the new floor, with one coat of poly down … and another to go next weekend.  Looking good, you guys!

In other news … a spider crawled all over the pope while he gave a speech in Prague … not for arachnophobes (you KNOW who I am talking about)!  Supposedly it went on the Pope’s face, although the video doesn’t actually show that.

Sad to see that the Red Sox, Phillies AND Penn State all lost.  And there will be plenty of controversy today, as Michael Vick likely will get his first playing time as the McNabless-Eagles face off against the Chiefs.  On the FFootball front, I think that the 2 Blitzin’ Babes are in good shape (but then I thought that last week, too.)

What else?  The Bates men and women both lost to Trinity yesterday … the men in OT and the women in a closer-than-it-sounds 2-0 match.  Beautiful day for soccer, though – and it was nice to see everyone.  On the ride up and back we explored numerous topics of great import … the proper way to boil an egg (a reprise from a previous trip to a Bates soccer game), the best way to toast toast … and the word for when you kidnap someone and make him/her work on your boat.  (Aren’t you impressed?)  ;>)

1BetsieBayOh. and here’s HollyCornblog (in silohuette) trying out her new, Betsie Bay kayak after a long day’s work at the lake.

Whoo hoo!!

Good luck to you this week, Pliny!


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11 Responses to All Done

  1. Wow – so much to learn … so little time!


  2. BJ Entwisle says:

    I got detailed instructions this morning on how to boil an egg! Bring the water to a boil, then TURN IT OFF! leave in so many minutes depending on what you want. Martha Stewart via Sharon.


  3. CB says:

    I didn’t have a choice. I was “excessed.”


  4. JordanCornblog says:

    That is very cool that you made a switch and reduced your stress. I am betting that the running helps. too – I sure know it does for me. (Reduces the stress and increases my energy level … so why is it such a difficult habit to maintain … perennial question.)

    We have a treadmill and some weights in the basement … so even in winter, I have few good excuses for not doing SOMETHING!

    Yeah – Holly and Charlie love the Greenland kayaks …

    Hope your week gets off to a good start … and the running continues!


  5. CB says:

    BBs are supposedly great for rolling. I guess any wooden, Greenland-style kayak is….
    I’ve been running anywhere from once to three times a week, depending. I don’t think my back can take more than that. In the beginning, I was suffering a lot of foot and back pain. The foot pain seemed to go away when I started using gel inserts and the back pain disappeared when I left my last school, where I was always carrying piles of books and materials from class to class. I too (did you mean to say after work?) am usually running after work–early evening. Sometimes in the morning on weekends. Other days I am either bicycling, swimming or kayaking although I haven’t been in the boat for three weeks. I’m a wimp about the cold weather so bicycling and kayaking will soon stop for the winter.
    Did you know I changed schools? I have very small classes now. A whole new set of issues, but significantly less stress.


  6. JordanCornblog says:

    You are so right – and I stand corrected (and ashamed of myself, to boot)! But I thought the Margarita’s were $3.95. Did you do some further research? ;>)


  7. Alice says:

    Dear JordanCornblog, please–we want ALL the news, not abbreviated capsules (that we can get on CNN/HLN). In addition to hard-boiling eggs and toasting toast, other serious topics investigated by the distinguished group riding up and down the Maine Turnpike were various approaches to handling moldy bread, applesauce, and cheeses; pole-dancing dolls for children; Philadelphia’s Welsh heritage as applied to the maltreatment of children; and photoshopping the Lincoln deathbed. Then, too, there was the mysterious Cadillac/Afflaaaack conversation and A Sign Of The Times Breaking News that margaritas were now available at Dos Amigos for a bare $3.50.


  8. JordanCornblog says:

    Hi CB – I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how the new school year is going. Those BB kayaks do seem serious. (I had trouble just getting in and our of Charlie’s last fall when I tried it!)

    My running regimen is very gentle at this point – but I am liking it. Have discovered that the time that seems to work for me is after work – otherwise I tend to get caught up in other things and end up not doing it. Have lost a lot of stamina/muscle over the last couple of sedentary years – so building it back up is a slow process.

    Good for you, too. What’s your regimen? I agree – it’s still the best bang for the buck – so long as we can do it without hurting ourselves!


  9. JordanCornblog says:

    Yo Paula – I see you’re up against my friend brattybeaglebutts from work today. An interesting match-up for sure! A little worried about the Pats today … see you on the chat, for sure!!


  10. CB says:

    I’ve crawled out of my hovel and discovered a whole redesign of your blog as well as the lake house. Both are looking good. Holly has a Besty Bay? That is serious.
    Tell me about your new running regimen. I’ve been running, too, since April. A whole new set of issues at this age but you can’t beat it for work-out efficiency.


  11. Paula Rockwell says:

    I have started my sunday off with good coffee, newspaper, cat napping in my lap….will head off for a listen to the sermon at Portsmouth UU church soon, then back to the real business of the day….FOOTBALL..great day for it. Hopefully the Patriots can get their act together.Have a great sunday, see you on the gridiron chat lines…!


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