Monday Miscellaney

1BetsieBaysHere is a picture of HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew’s Betsie Bay Kayaks – I mainly post them for CB’s enjoyment (plus, truth be told, I was checking to see whether enabling Google Gears would still screw up my ability to upload pictures to the blog … apparently we’re all set).

And here’s page one of The Julie/Julia Project … which I Googled yesterday after one of our own Julie’s came home from the movie “Julie and Julia.”  This would have definitely been fun to follow as it unfolded!

On the FFootball front, I apparently missed out on some serious trash talking last night while we were discussing schedules, travel plans and other weighty matters in the house last night.  When I returned to the Phantastic Phootball Phanatics home page, I found that Pliny, Seacoast Salukis and bratybeaglebutts were just signing off after a significant round of rowdiness.  This is going to be an interesting FFootball season.

And yo, Mo – what the heck happened to TO????

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3 Responses to Monday Miscellaney

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Lewis Black is amazing – thanks for sending that.

    Google Gears? It’s a web application that is supposed to make browsers and some applications work better. I installed it because I use “Remember the Milk” as an on-line To Do List … and that’s pretty much the limit of my understanding!

    “Gears is a plug-in that extends your browser to create a richer platform for web applications. For example, webmasters can use Gears on their websites to let users access information offline or provide you with content based on your geographical location. To install Gears, visit

    Gears was designed to be used on both Google and non-Google sites. A number of web applications currently make use of Gears, including two Google products: Google Reader and Google Docs. Additionally, Zoho and Remember the Milk have been using Gears since its original launch. If you’re running Windows Mobile on your cellphone, Picasa Web Albums also makes use of Gears.”


  2. CB says:

    Thank you! Although I would have preferred to see HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew in them. What is Google Gears?
    Re: Julia/Julie: I have been hungering for boeuf bourgignon ever since I saw the movie more than three weeks ago.
    Finally, for your listening pleasure, here is Lewis Black with the last word on the meaning of Yom Kippur.
    [audio src="" /]


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