Going Rogue? You've Got to Be Kidding!

Yup, that’s the title of Sarah Palin’s soon-to-be-published memoir.  Given the role that lipstick has played in Ex-Governor Palin’s ascendancy, wouldn’t Going Rouge have been more apt?

I’m guessing that Bookeaters will not be reading this one – 400 pages of stoopid. As one commenter said, “Don’t you have to do something before you write a memoir?”  Apparently not.

But then again, I guess she has done a few things.  In comparison to me, she is a veritable whirlwind of activity and accomplishment.  I have trouble keeping up with this blog, and the rouged and lipsticked one has written 400 pages since August and given a speech in Tokyo … not to mention resigning as Governor, possibly divorcing her hubby, being a hockey mom and (presumably) a hockey grandma) … AND exercising regularly.

Now Levi’s memoir?  Might read that.  Get the real scoop about the rouged rogue.

Inspired (or goaded) but the thought of SP getting in her exercise, I did manage 15-minutes on the treadmill this AM … seeing as how tonight I’m at Red River with some combination of the Bookeaters.  Popcorn for dinner tonight!

FFootball standing after Week 3 are posted – with everything evening up.  Can’t wait to see how the 2 Blitzen’ Babes do with waivers this week!

Bingy VisitorOh, and here’s a picture from HollyCornblog …

… a visitor (actually, new resident) of our outhouse up at the lake.  (Apparently this industrious creature is making use of the used TP that has accumulated … yeeccchhhh!!)

Have a wonderful day, y’all!

I leave you with this poem that made me nostalgic for Philly (not that it takes much …).

Hot times, summer in the city …

Stadium Traffic

by Daniel Donaghy

You’re on your way home

when a thousand cars

pour onto Broad Street:

the ball game’s over.

No one’s going anywhere soon.

It’s mid-July: eighty and humid.

You smell like all the crappies in the Delaware,

wear the ache of dock crates in your back.

Your buddy lost two fingers tonight

to a jigsaw: boss said go home early,

stay late tomorrow night.

These people don’t appreciate

what they have: time to go to ball games.

You get out among blaring horns

and hustlers hawking T-shirts,

walk the yellow lines like a tight rope,

arms out for balance,

all the way to the corner and back.

Broad Street still as a parking lot,

wound tight as a fist.

You pop the trunk, fish a beer

from your cooler, and pound it.

Back in your car, the radio’s

recapping the game:

your team pulled one out

they would have blown last year.

You’ve blown the last year working

nights while your lady works days.

Night work means bad lighting,

and you’ve had enough close calls.

You’ve had enough overtime.

You’ve had enough.

Something has to give.

Somewhere in the distance a dog

is barking, a husband is coming home.

“Stadium Traffic” by Daniel Donaghy, from Start with the Trouble. © The University of Arkansas Press, 2009. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)

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2 Responses to Going Rogue? You've Got to Be Kidding!

  1. I think Ms. Palin’s book sounds perfect for a Lifetime movie – thanks for adding that to the mix! Maybe with a starring role somewhere in it for your mouse … I’m sure we could find plenty of loose TP for her/him to nest in!


  2. AMR says:

    I’m A-Ok with all things mice right now. Was helping a friend move into her new apartment last week. Ended up spending the night and awoke at 5:00 a.m. to the sound of something crunching. When I went into the kitchen, nothing was there. However, as I was “doing my duty” in the bathroom, the little bugger ran right up the wall! What is it with mice and TP and bathrooms?!?!

    On a completely unrelated note, I am pretty sure I would rather waste my braincells doing things other than reading Ms. Palin’s book. I wonder if, someday, it will be turned into a Lifetime movie???


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