We're Up and Running!

PanelsI’m a little late with the news, here … but the solar panels are all installed and we are hooked into the grid and up and running … just in time for a rainy weekend!

Looking good, eh?

We still have to figure out how to read all the kilowatt hour info (and such) that the system puts out … but we’e on our way!

And speaking of being “on our way” – how about the various play-off pictures?

On the WNBA front, the Mercury are looking to improve on their Game 1 performance as they face off against the Fever for game 2 (9PM ET).  A little too late for yours truly, sad to say!

The Phillies clinched in a blow-out last night.  Now it gets serious/scary!

Check this out … a little sparring re. the Palin book … entertaining (and annoying – as is anything involving Ann Coulter).

And so it goes.

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