Road Blogging

Hey there – I’m writing frm Deer Island, NB on a grey day, in a room with windows on two walls – both looking out toward the Bay of Fundy.  We took the ferry from Letete and are now in a beautiful old house on the water at Lambert’s Cove.  Feeling very, very lucky.

We’ll be off for breakfast shortly … then who knows what other adventures.

The 2Blitzen Babes are on a FFootball high … after scoring 162 points yesterday and winning a very competitive match-up with wannabees (yup, that’s you, Doris).  HollyCornblog says to be gentle … but after all that trash talk wouldn’t “gentle” feel like a let down?

Thank you Rashard Mendenhall!

Anyway – back to Deer Island.  We had dinner at the Spirit of the Island Cafe – where the PT half of the Blitzen Babes gave some PT advice to the owner for his wife who’d hurt her shoulder staining shingles.  Now we’re off the the Fisherman’s Cove Cafe for breakfast!   Tonight, who knows?

I’ve started reading Edgar Sawtelle and can tell I’m gonna love it.  There’s sunlight on the water … amazing!  Life is good, good, good!

Oh – and did I mention that the 2 Blitzen’ Babes scored 162 points yesterday?

162 points!

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1 Response to Road Blogging

  1. Doris says:

    I agree. “Gentle” would be way too kind for me. I graciously concede to defeat, no, GETTING MOWED DOWN by 2BrazenbitchinBabes last night. It just wasn’t meant to happen for Wannabes THIS time. Who knew you’d manage to string together such a capable line-up? –JUST KIDDING!! I guess when the time comes, I’ll be ordering a heaping dish of CROW! Good Going Jord, and Good Luck for next week.


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