Tuesday Morning, Deer Island

Out FrontWe’ll be heading off shortly for breakfast at the Fisherman’s Cove Cafe (I could do this every morning)!  It’s a gorgeous morning with sun streaming in the front windows, lighting the water and the lawn and deck, and casting the large outcropping of rock in front of the house in silhouette.

I watch JBD, searching for sea glass down by the water, and think what it must be like to be storm-and-snow battered here in the midst of a cold January.

The walls of this house have seen much buffeting through the decades and have stood sturdy!

Here’s what it looked like out front yesterday morning.  Today it’s quite a bit sunnier!

LighthouseYesterday afternoon a friend took us for a tour of the islands scattered across the bay on her boat – amazing tour!

Sadly, just as we passed the East Quoddy Head Lighthouse on Campobello Island, my camera’s battery died, so I missed some amazing photos of the sheltered harbor tucked away in the inner reaches of the island!  Row upon row of lobster boats, colorfully lobster traps, a “graveyard” of ancient fishing vessels …

Ah well … today we head off the Island and back to Bates for a soccer game, dinner with RPE and roomies, then home.  So far I have had scallops in some form at every opportunity … with the pan fried scallops here on the Island being my favorites, so far.

We shall see!

As MLH would say … be of good cheer!

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1 Response to Tuesday Morning, Deer Island

  1. Alice says:

    Beautiful! Sorry your batteries died.

    Go Bates!


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