Bleary Day #2

Another grey day – inner world matching outer nicely.

The furor over Obama’s prize continues … as portions of the US populace proceed with their very loud and very public decompensation at every opportunity.  My god, people, where was your outrage when Bush was torturing people and leading us into a useless war?  Where was your outrage when the treasury was being looted, right under our noses, right before they all left office?

Personally, I think the Nobel Prize Committee would have done Obama a big favor – AND gotten the same point across – if they had given the prize to the majority American voters in this past election.  This is more about not being Bush than anything else.  This is more about the giant relief felt in the world when it started looking like America was coming to its senses.  (So let’s keep the momentum going!)

I see (through my cold-induced fog) that the Twins and Red Sox both lost again – so both face elimination as they move to their home venues.  (Darn!)  The Mercury topped the Fever for the WNBA title … darn again!  And the Phillies play the Rockies in the Rockies tonight … in what looks likely to be a snowstorm.  (Good luck, Pedro!)

In exploring the web this morning I discovered that Princess Sparkle Pony stopped posting new material way back in early September.  Sad to see that wonderful journey come to an end – and cheers!   You introduced me to a side of Condi – not to mention international diplomacy – that I had never known existed.  The hell with Condi – who will keep track of Ursula now?

Gotta head to town shortly – do the food shopping, then crawl back into bed.

Watch out world – here I come!

Oh, and PS – Happy Birthday, Nana!

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1 Response to Bleary Day #2

  1. Alice says:

    I’m warming to the Peace Prize going to Obama–hoping against hope it will help to steel him against the “might makes right” mentality that infects our culture. Michael Moore’s latest missive is right-on in my book:

    Hoping, too, JordanCornblog feels much better soon.


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