Sunday Morning Sundries

Feeling better this morning – much better – although my cough sounds (and feels) very nasty.  I was sad to see the Cardinals eliminated last night … and am glad that the Phillies game was postponed (and that6 Happ will ikely pitch tonight).  The Bates Women’s soccer team gave Williams a good scare yesterday, narly taking them into overtime.  No one has come that close this year … and Bates was just the second team to score on the Ephs.  Congrats, Bobcats – and good luck against Amherst today!

!Lake TodayHollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew have been hard at work up at the lake, moving the furniture back into the house (on the beautifully-finished new floors).

Here are a couple of pictures – first, of the corner where the refrigerator used to be.  The “secretary” – that big, closed bookcase next to the door – had to be moved over there to make room for a possible third window next to the front door of the house.  The other, lighter-colored cabinet, is where the refrigerator used to be.  It holds all the crockery!

The fridge is likely going to land in the Woodhouse (appropriate, as back in the olden days, that used to be the Icehouse) – and all the tools from the Woodhouse will be moved out to the boathouse.

Next up, a photo of the front wall of the house …

!Front DoorThe empty space to the right (our right) of the door is where that third window might go.

It’s looking good, you guys – thanks for all the work!  Try to go easy today, so you don’t need advil and heating pads again while you watch the Eagles demolish whoever the hell they are playing, as they return from their bye week (and Donovan returns from his injury).  Guess Kevin Kolb, with his back-to-back 300-plus yard games gave Donovan a bit of an incentive to post some big numbers this week (at least that’s what I am hoping).

So, onward, as the day unfolds!  Hope it’s a good one for you – wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!

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