One More and We're Golden!

Jimmy Rollins came through in the 9th and the Phightin’ Phillies pulled off another comeback to roll within one win of another trip to the World Series.  Personally, I like those 11-0 barrages better, but I’ll take a thriller every once in awhile.  Kudos to Brad Lidge and the Phillies’ bullpen, too.

It was nice to see the Angels take the Yankees to extra innings and pull out the win out in California, too.  Maybe that will be the momentum shift that the ALCS needs.

In WPS news, I see that Carli Lloyd has signed with her native NJ team – Sky Blue FC .  Hopefully that move will help her to turn around what was a lackluster inaugural season (relative to expectations).

Low energy abides here, and I’m heading to my PCP today, hoping for a cure.  That’s about the extent of it, as the sun rises on a frosty NH morning.

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1 Response to One More and We're Golden!

  1. boltgirl says:

    Good luck; sounds like we have had parallel sniffly issues going on. My flu lingered and then helpfully turned into bronchitis. Azithromycin, take me away!


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