Phantastic, Just Phantastic

Those phightin’ Phillies are returning to the World Series!!!  Needless to say, JordanCornblog is ecstatic.  Nicely done!  Now, here’s to the Angels either beating the Yankees or stretching out their series.  We’ll take ’em anyway, but it’d be more relaxing to face a tired crew of starters and relievers.  Oh, and let’s keep those bats alive through the break, okay, guys?  ;>)

In WPS news, I see that the Breakers have signed Leslie Osborne.  Hope she’ll be able to step into Angela Hucles’ shoes (although the wee cynic in me also finds it noteworthy that the Breakers have acquired one stereotypically attractive blond player after losing a stereotypically attractive blond player).  Nothing against Mitts or Osborne … maybe I’m all wet.

Nicve to have RPE home for @ 36 hours – safe travels back!  Oh, and nice to have some good cough syrup.  Sleep … amazing the healing power it has!

Boltgirl – hope you are feeling MUCH better!

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2 Responses to Phantastic, Just Phantastic

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hope you had a good trip, Alice … and see you soon! (Are you rooting for the Phillies yet?)


  2. Alice says:

    You sound MUCH better. I’m so relieved. I was getting panicked w/o the blog to ground me–making up all sorts of catastrophic stories. Now I can fly back to good old NH with much less anxiety. I looked all over for Boltgirl while here in Tucson–but alas our paths did not cross. Hope to see you tomorrow Jord–healthy and hackless.


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