A Cold and Rainy Morning

This is not the sort of morning that I’d relish watching a soccer game … but two of my intrepid housemates (apple crisp in hand) will be heading to Lewiston momentarily to watch the Bobcats tangle with the Panthers.  Would be so nice if Bates could defeat Middlebury … and while it’s probably in the unlikely-at-best category, what I love about sports is that “it could happen.”  (Of course, my problem is that I so often come to believe that it will happen – a discussion for another time.)

Speaking of Bates, I noticed that it’s right near the top of the list of most expensive colleges – not a piece of publicity that they relish, I am sure.  I’ll be interested to see how that shifts, as the big honking endowments of the wealthier schools (yeah, that’s you, Middlebury) have taken huge hits as the economy has tanked.

Anyway … Go Bobcats!

And here’s a piece from the WPS site about players “on the move.”  While not mentioned in the article, I am most excited about the Breakers’ acquisition of Tiffany Weimer.  She seems a very energetic, creative player who will be fun to watch combining with the likes of Kelly Smith.  (No Euros next year, WPS fans, so watch out – we’ve got Kelly and Alex all season long!)

… and here are some dancing Cossacks from CB …


… exhausting to watch.  I find myself curious about what these guys’ thigh muscles look like … and the state of their knees when they hit their 60’s!

Meanwhile … Angels … keep it going!!!  ;>)

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