I was bummed to learn, yesterday afternoon, from my roving reporters, that Bates lost to Middlebury after a valiant and mud-spattered game that was scoreless until @ 5-minutes from the end.  At that point, Middlebury took a corner after which the ball bounced around in the box and was eventually hit into the net (after what some say looked like a Middlebury hand ball).  It sounded like a heart-breaking loss for the Bobcats, who hung tough with the Panthers throughout the contest.  Excellent effort, ladies!

The Bookeaters met at Brazos in Portsmouth last night and had a lively discussion of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle – an ambitious book in which we were all somewhat disappointed.  (And I entirely missed the fact that the plot paralleled Hamlet.  I’ll blame that on the cold meds.)

Next up?  Persuasion.  (And the big questions will be … what sort of restaurant goes with Jane Austin?!  Suggestions are welcome!)

HollyCornblog's KegHollyCornblog has added to her beer-making repertoire, trying her hand at making a keg!  She said it turned out well.  Here’s the keg in its sleeve – a neoprene KEGlove with an ice jacket inside to keep it cold (up to 8 hours).  She and CharlieHopbrew are off to the lake this morning to put the rugs back down and, maybe, repaint the woodstove (which gets re-installed this Wednesday).  Aside from some tree work up there, I think that means the place is all set for the winter.  (Phew!)

What else today?  Nice to see the sun out after some torrential rain yesterday.

We’ve got FFootball … the 2 Blitzen’ Babes are up against Brigitte’s Boys (and the Babes fully expect to lose … how’s that for trash talk?).

Yankees-Angels were postponed to tonight – and Phillies Phans the world over are rooting for this match-up to be stretched to 7 games.  Go Angels!!

Lots to do today … better get myself moving!

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4 Responses to Bummer

  1. Funny, I was a goalie, too – indoor, in soccer – but outside in lacrosse and field hockey. Lacrosse was my absolute favorite – although I think I’d have liked soccer (they didn’t have it as an option back in my day). ;>)

    I agree with you about those rainy games – sometimes it was a blast sliding around. Once you’re all wet, you can’t get any wetter!

    I’m totally with you on the Angels – would love to see those cocky Yankees choke. And either way, yup – GO PHILLIES!


  2. AMR says:

    I remember the soccer games in downpours. Those were a mixture of torture and fulfilling every child’s dream of just sliding along in the mud. The outcomes were usually not based on skill but who happened to get the wet skip off the turf that allowed the ball to defy all logic and slide into the net. As a goalie, that was incredibly frustrating especially since the gloves were usually sopping wet about 1 minute into the match.

    I not only hope the Angels can stretch it out to 7 games but, also, take the whole series!! I know, I know, the optimism shoe doesn’t fit too well on me but I’m trying it on for size.

    In either respect – GO PHILLIES!!


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    I know, I know … but it was a quick visit for dinner/discussion. Glad you’ve got clear weather for your under-the-lights game. Have a great day!


  4. Paula Rockwell says:

    You come to Portsmouth and don’t even say hello? Oh well…I read Edgar Sawtelle last summer and enjoyed the read. I will be out and about reffing basketball pre season games and then some field hockey under the lights in Derryfield, so will not be able to engage in FFball trash talk. Although I am not so secretly hopeing 2Bitzens go DOWN!!!:)
    But will check in during the pm game..


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