Sooooo …

… it’s gonna be the Yankees that the Phillies have to put in their place to take the World Series again.  Be there, starting Wednesday night … as two ex-Cleveland aces go up against each other in their new(er) uniforms. That’s CC vs. Cliff Lee.  Let’s go, Phillies, you can do it!

And I love hearing that George Will has gone after Dick for his “dithering” comment – noting that a little “dithering” by the Bushies might have been helpful before invading Iraq.  Nicely done, George!  It’s a long clip – but kinda fun – and the salient part starts at @ the 11-minute mark!

What else?  The USWNT are in Germany preparing for their 10/29 match vs. the German National Team.  That’s at 1PM (ET) … and no TV from what I can tell.  Why not?????  We’ve got the US Under-17 men on TV … no offense to the guys, but WTF??!!!

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