Welcome to Hell House


Hell House is the Fundamentalist Christian version of the haunted house … a predictably simplistic and melodramatic effort to scare young people into accepting Jesus as their personal savior.

Hell House represents right wing views on religion, family values, morality, you name it … as true.  The so-called secular world is represented by demons.  What could be simpler?  These Bible-thumping, mouth-frothing, shrill, narrow, moralistic views are shoved down the throats of young people in a series of gory tableaux.  It’s soul-saving gone nuclear.

I see this as representative of a couple of simple, arithmetical equations:


Delusions-money-power=MENTAL ILLNESS

As you can see, the only difference is whether there’s $$/power backing the delusion.  The content can be pretty much the same.

And I am not slamming all religion by any means.  But if the Fundamentalists’ Jesus is so great, why do people have to have the crap scared out of them to believe in him?  Why all the pressure and sales/propaganda tactics?

This is sick, sick stuff.  I wish there were some way to make it illegal – but while they are not shy about shoving their views down any/everyone’s throats, I do actually feel constrained by my values.

Maybe some civil lawsuits could be mustered, though.  I don’t know – how about pain and suffering?

This crap certainly causes me mental anguish – it’s a shitty way to start the day!

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