Day 1 of the Phillies' Phantastic Phinish

The day has arrived, as the Phillies square off with the Yankees in pursuit of a back-to-back MLB Championship.  They can do it, I am confident.  (And just in case they need any help, I am sure all Phillies Phans out there will be superstitiously pursuing all sorts of ritualized behaviors to help carry off the win for the good guys.)  I believe that Yankees’ fans are too sophisticated and cocky to indulge in such activities, which will be their downfall.  (Or is that downphall?)

In other news, I see that the BHS girls’ soccer team won their first tournament game (yesterday over White Mountain) and face off against Hopkinton on Friday.  (The Gilford girls lost their opening match-up and are out of the tournament … an unusual (character-building) ending for that squad.  The Red Raiders team is trying to recreat the glory days of the 2005 State Championship season … good luck ladies – you are off to a great start!

LIEBERMAN-largeOn the political front, how irksome is Joe Lieberman?  Really!  Self righteous twit – I wonder who is lining his pockets.

“Is the heavy concentration of the insurance industry in Connecticut influencing his vote?

“It has nothing to do with it,” he said.

Yeah, Joe … and we should believe you because … ?

Did I say self righteous twit already? It feels good.

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