Very Quickly This Morning

I read that, per Barbara Boxer, the Senate is going to do what’s right on the Choice front and not use healthcare reform to shove a regressive, far-right agenda down the throats of America.  Hope she’s correct!

I read that Lindsay Lohan is mad at her dad … and am struck by how horrible it would have been, had my feelings and familial struggles been splashed all over the media at that age.  (Of course, that doesn’t address the matter of her parents’ rantings and escapades.  It’s all pretty over the top, any way you look at it.  Why’d it capture my attention?  Because I’m going for the low-hanging fruit this morning.  Sorry!

So, speaking of low hanging fruit, there’s always Sarah P for a laugh.  This time, it’s Obama’s alleged attack on god.  Oh my god!  (As it turns out, it ain’t Obama – it was Bush and the GOP Congress who made the change to our change that the ex-Guv is so righteously worked up about.)

!Giant Forest HogAnd speaking of god … its appetite apparently whetted by its successful lobbying efforts against women and choice, the Catholic Church has now turned its eyes toward the gay rights movement.  They are threatening to cut off services to the poor in DC if the city doesn’t nix a gay marriage law.  Christianity continues to rampage like a ravening, Giant Forest Hog … and we all know what kind of mindless damage those beasts can do!  Someone, stop it, please!


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1 Response to Very Quickly This Morning

  1. Alice says:

    Usually I am in full agreement–if not in awe–at JordanCornblog’s insightful parallels and metaphors, BUT I must object to the christianity/giant forest hog comparison as an insult to the big pig. From any perspective–the long historical view or the short-term glance, I believe the giant forest hog is a romp in the park in comparison.


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