Selfishness That Passeth All Understanding

These are hard times … mostly.  Everyone is suffering … mostly.  Everyone is having to tighten their belts and make sacrifices … mostly.

According to a report put out by Goldman-Sachs to private health insurers, their suffering will increase if meaningful health reform is passed.  The best course for them, from Goldman’s perspective?  No action.

Thanks very much.  What’s with you, GOP?  You decry labor unions for trying to hold the line of wages.  “Selfish, selfish,” you say.  Meanwhile, the likes of these dudes continue to loot and pillage virtually unimpeded.  Where are you, GOP?  In their pockets, perhaps?  Or maybe in a darker place entirely … no sun shining there.

Anyway, for more insight into the kinds of things that Goldman and the GOP would like to see happen, check out this post at The Smirking Chimp.  It’s a list of 15-things the GOP would do if they could.  And you thought 2012 sounded scary!!???

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