Stupid Stuff from the Fear Biters

What a grey, November morning we’ve got going here in NH!  It’ll be a great day for reading, once I get my chores done.  (I’m guessing this opening isn’t making you want to read on.  Not the most attention-grabbing fare today!).

I’ve been reading about stupid stuff on the net since getting up.  Maybe that’s why bed continues to look inviting, even as I should be energetically making a shopping list and planning for the day.

Apparently Republican lawmakers are totally up in arms at the idea of trying some of the alleged 9/11 “masterminds” here in the States.  The thought of their being on American soil is terrifying to them.  Just terrifying.

What a slap in the face to the officials charged with keeping the “evil-doers” under wraps, for starters!  And what a disregard for the legal system that supposedly makes us such a beacon of hope to the world!  And what a cynical exploitation of people’s worst and most ignorant fears!

It’s the same old shit – a continuation of the tired, reactive, narrow, rigid,  and fear-driven stance of the Bush-era.

!bachmanThese dudes (and dudettes) are fear-biters extraordinaire.

Fear biters?  Yup.  They’re dogs who become aggressive when cornered and afraid.  Here’s a bit of advice re. how to manage a fear-biter should you happen to have one:  You should really enlist professional help to deal with a fear biter unless you are experienced with dogs. This kind of dog takes lots of patience and careful reading and may never become trustworthy. If you cannot resolve its problems, consider having it destroyed; don’t pass it along to someone else to become a problem for that person.

!fear biterFear-biters usually lack self-confidence and have checkered histories.  The human equivalent of the fear-biter is the person no one wanted to hang out with in high school.  For whatever reason (often, I surmise, quite sad) they were shunned and unhappy.  Always the last to be picked for games, they had few friends and fewer successes as they grew toward adulthood.

These are some seriously pissed off people!

CheneyThey approach every subsequent situation that life presents to them with a volatile mixture of fear and rage.  No nuance here, folks – just good and evil, fear and rage, O’Reilly and Hannity. It ain’t pretty.  Not only dangerous and unpredictable, it sounds like fear-biters are pretty impervious to new learning.  It is very difficult to rehabilitate/reclaim them and I’ve found many articles that emphasize their volatility, single-mindedness, and the general lack of success in bringing them around.  Quite often, the recommendation is to not waste time, and put them down.

So, the advice on handling fear biters is pretty much what they recommend doing about the scary folks that get their hackles up.  Funny how that goes, eh?

!HmmmmOf course Joe Lieberman voted with Lindsey (what big teeth you have) Graham and the GOP on this one (the effort to block bringing the detainees here for trial) … but they lost, thankfully.

But, I ask you, oh GOP sages, how can we call ourselves fearless defenders of freedom if we are afraid to try “evil doers” on our soil?

Oh, and are you really scared, or just trying to marshal all the fear-biting energy out there in the “homeland” to use for your own dastardly purposes?  (Why does this have a familiar ring to it?)

!anotheroneSo is Joe Lieberman a fear-biter?

I’m a little bit unclear about him.  I actually have him pegged as more likely to roll over on his back and pee on himself.  But maybe that’s just because of the way his voice sounds.

His bite may actually be the worst of the lot, because it comes with such an unctuous and smarmy prelude.

Time to isolate him in a pen of his own, dontcha think?  Come on, all you non-fear-biting lawmakers.  You don’t have to NOT bite, just because you’re not fear-driven.

You can do it!  On behalf of America … give ’em a great big old chomp, will ya?  At least Joe, okay?

!aggressivedogPersonally, I am getting to the point where I wouldn’t mind seeing a little blood … or one or two fleeing curs, tails tucked between their legs.

PS  This is not meant to be in any way offensive to our canine companions – only to Joe Lieberman, Right-wing media hacks, former Bush Administration Officials, and GOP lawmakers.

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