Sir Hits Alot on Ice

Sir Hits Alot switched seasons in the blink of an eye.  He put away his cleats and, last night, under cover of darkness,  skated into town from the north to wreak havoc on yet another Concord team.  I hear that there is now talk in the City Council of not allowing him past the Concord City limits … as he didn’t lose a step in moving from the pitch to the ice.

Yup, Sir Hits Alot was in fine fettle last night.  With his team down 1-0, he flicked a nifty backhand into the net, scoring the first goal of the year for his Twin Valley hockey mates and getting them rolling toward their first win of the 2009-2010 campaign.

Needless to say, for Sir Hits Alot fans it was a very exciting and gratifying 3-2 victory over Concord Bantam 3.  Here’s the Twin Valley Bantam 1 Schedule for the coming year … should you care to join us at an upcoming contest.  Last year, you may remember, the Twin Valley Flyers won it all at the Everett Arena in Concord, NH on March 8, 2009 on the strength of a game-winner in OT by Sir Hits Alot (aka Mo).  (You can see why the Concord City Fathers are tired of having him come to town!)

After last night’s win, a humble Sir Hits Alot, wearing his signature Bates hoodie and Bates hat, said “Aw shucks” when congratulated on the win.  Perhaps with an eye to a future political career, he deftly avoided one potentially awkward question from a fan who asked, “Do you guys go after the girls when they’re on the opposing team?”  (Just imagine the news picking up on that one when Sir Hits Alot runs for the US Senate in 2035 following his successful NHL career!)

Anyway – a few more snippets of conversation, and then, suddenly, he was gone … walking off into the rainy night … presumably heading back up north to plan his next marauding escapade!

Meanwhile, in a warm kitchen in upstate NY, where the woodstove crackles, drying out the damp morning air, Pliny checks her FFootball team one last time as she prepares to go up against Sir Hits Alot on the gridiron today.

Will he be too tired from his hockey exploits to notice that he’s down a player?

Will Pliny KILL JordanCornblog for cluing him in on this?

Only time will tell.

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2 Responses to Sir Hits Alot on Ice

  1. Uh oh … should I bring my MACE when I visit?


  2. Pliny says:



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