Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is the watchword today in the US of A, as we gather around tables in towns and cities throughout this country.  Perhaps even more in tough times than times of plenty, the gifts of this life shine forth … good friends, family, work, food, a warm place to sleep.  Simple things – and not to be taken lightly.  Not any more.

I am thankful that our president is not an embarrassment of such magnitude that Americans overseas might be prone to pretend they were from somewhere else.

I am disappointed that he appears to capitulate, too often, to the demons of our lesser natures … and I still am hopeful that Obama will come through on the bright and expansive promises that he made as he worked to be elected. Here’s a speech about the war in Afghanistan that he won’t give – but I wish he would …

… let me say as bluntly as I can that I have decided to send no more troops to Afghanistan. Beyond that, I believe it is in the national interest of the American people that this war, like the Iraq War, be drawn down. Over time, our troops and resources will be brought home in an orderly fashion, while we ensure that we provide adequate security for the men and women of our Armed Forces. Ours will be an administration that will stand or fall, as of today, on this essential position: that we ended, rather than extended, two wars.

Hard to fault him too much – the mess he walked into was of such gargantuan proportions.

Where is Bush today?  Laughing and smirking at some dinner table, untouched and unbothered by the havoc that he wrought.  (I take some small pleasure in imagining that, at the very least, Dick Cheney has digestive problems and likely doesn’t enjoy his food … or anything … very much.  Hope that’s true.)

If I were anywhere near Bush today, I’d be offering him pretzels and waiting hopefully.

I should probably let it go … take a deep breath … return to thoughts of gratitude.

Yes, there is an awful lot to be grateful for, as the sun breaches the bare trees on the near horizon and this new day begins!

Here’s Paula Poundstone with her version of the first Thanksgiving …


Oh, and did I mention that I am thankful phor the Phillies?  ;>)

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4 Responses to Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Thanks, Alice – we will miss you at the table today. Safe travels – and congrats, again!


  2. Alice Nye says:

    Among my thanks today is for this blog: when I miss it (only rarely of course) I begin to feel cut off and at sea in a very, very strange world. It’s become my daily grounding. Thanks JordanCornblog for the pleasure, laughs and insights of this mighty fine blog. And a happy day to you, however you wish to phrase it.


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    Thanks – let the Phunology begin! 😉


  4. Doris says:

    Happy B&T Jordy! Hope you enjoy them both.


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