Where are You Shopping Today?

Stay away from Dubai, that’s all I have to say.

Me?  I’m staying home.  Might go for a run, depending on how the weather looks.  Might read … a LOT!  Here are some books to choose from – the NY Times 100 most notable books of 2009.

But wait a second.  What’s up with Dubai?  Notable books – I hardly recognize one of those titles!  Yikes – I feel so out of it.  (Although I am much more up on FFootball than most women in my age cohort.)

But why so competitive on the day after Thanksgiving?  What a way to wake up!  Bad dreams, JordanCornblog?  Too much pie?

Maybe it’s reading too much about Sarah Palin first thing in the morning.  Yeah – that’s got to be a contributing factor!

She got punked again!  Those deceptively mild-mannered Canadians seem to have it in for her.  While she’s got her eye on the ever-pesky Russians, Canadians keep sneaking up behind her. Maybe Todd and Sarah need to build a porch facing in Canada’s direction so they can monitor movement on THAT front, too!  They could do it with her book money, I’m sure.

Oh, and Glenn Beck has apparently ruled out running with the great ex-Governor.  Is it not frightening that Sarah liked the idea of running with Glenn … leaving Mr. Beck appearing to be the more grounded of the two?

Don’t worry, Sarah – when the time comes, I’m thinking that Joe Lieberman will be available.  Then we’ll be able to listen to TWO gratingly annoying voices giving stump speeches through the summer and fall of 2012.  (Forget the movie – this is a scenario that actually could bring about the end of the world as we know it, I’m thinking.)

As for yesterday …. we had a really warm, fun, wonderful gathering at the house … which I am still savoring this morning.  I even got out for a quick run, too … up at the high school, on the blessedly empty track!

What was I saying a few days ago?  It still stands – I feel so lucky!  (And grateful.)  See, all that competitive stuff I was feeling earlier?  Gone.  Gratitude does that.  Like magic.  Poof!

I am not even thinking about Bush and Cheney …

.. okay, maybe a little.  But now I know how to stop it, when it ceases to give me evil pleasure!

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