The Plot Thickens

Just as we thought might be the case, there is more to the tale of Tiger than first met the eye.  I am so sorry to hear some of the tired phrases that are reportedly popping out of his mouth.  And it’s all so boring, really.  Especially on a beautiful Sunday morning, as November wanes and December waits to emerge with its icy winds and snows (hopefully).

After a warm and wonderful dinner, great conversation, and several rousing rounds of Bananagrams, some of us stayed up later-than-intended last night to see whether Notre Dame could pull one out.  Old ND Coach

But, not surprisingly, they lost it in the end as Toby Gerhart and his Stanford Cardinal put on a show that not only won the game but could also cement his Heisman hopes.

This leaves it highly likely that Charlie Weis (who headed back to Indiana rather than staying out west to do some recruiting) will be looking for a job.

It seems a little unfair to me, as clearly it’s the Catholic heirarchy’s obnoxious and wrong-headed political stances that are finally causing God to transform the storied ND football program into a losing enterprise.  It is actually that simple – and has nothing to do with coaching ineptitude.  The most ept coach in the world would not be able to win – God is just very, very pissed – and understandably so.

New ND CoachBut, as unfair as it may be, Charlie is definitely on his way out.

Who’ll be his replacement?  Hard to say for sure, but my money’s on Chaz …

What do you think?

It’d definitely loosen things up in South Bend.  God would like that.

Meanwhile, Obama and family attended a b-ball game down at George Washington … very cool.  I am glad to see him enjoying himself!  (I know, I know – it annoyed me when Bush did the same … but Bush wasn’t actually working the rest of the time.)

So I’m off.  Want to get in some time outdoors today.  Maybe a trip to the track?  Definitely some outdoor chores, like putting the kayaks away and pulling the sleds and snowshoes out.

RPE heads back to school tonight after a nice visit … and so, the first of the winter holidays comes to an end and the new week begins.

How the time goes.  Too fast, sometimes.  Too fast!

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2 Responses to The Plot Thickens

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Yeah, wouldn’t it be great? (Glad you did no harm to your computer, though!)


  2. boltgirl says:

    Aaaaaaaand the Chaz Bono comment almost made me snork my tea onto the screen. Perfect.


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