Back at It

Always a bit of a challenge, getting back in the swing of things after a nice long break, isn’t it?

I always feel a little Oliver Twistish … holding out my bowl of time to Chronos (or whomever) and asking, plaintively, “More, please?”

And truth be told, I am lucky in that I don’t work on Monday’s – so actually do have a wee bit more time.  Although with everyone else back at work (or school), I feel the hot breath of harsh reality warming my neck. Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.  Now that you know I’ve got today off, any whining on my part will surely fall on deaf ears … fair enough.

Yesterday we got a ton of work done around here as it finally clicked in the winter is on the way and we’d best get our acts together before the snow flies.

ShovelsSo out marched the snow shovels – ready for action …

Driveway Markers… and in went the driveway markers (thanks for the help, RPE) …

Kayak and FriendsThe kayaks moved into the barn with their two wintertime buddies, Pokey and Scout (peeking out from between the fence slats) …

Woodpile… and we sawed up and stacked a pile of birch logs that had been languishing since early summer!  Now we’ll have plenty of nice wood to split in the spring (or sooner) and use in the chiminea.  Let the wintertime grillling begin!

Lake Indoor Temp 11-28-09Meanwhile, HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew spent Saturday night up at the lake where they added some insulation to keep the heat from going up the steps to the second floor … and managed to get the temperature up above 70.  (Amazing, given that it was 20 degrees outside Saturday night up there … with wicked winds!)

So, ignoring the day’s news … I say onward!  Here’s to a wonderful week, everybody!

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