Rabbit, Rabbit

Happy December everybody?  It’s a nice clear, crisp morning here in NH as I collect my wits and get ready to take my car in for its inspection and a new set of snow tires.  (Come 4PM, I’ll be ready for the skies to open and the winter’s first snows to arrive!)

What a football game that was last night, eh?  The Saints made the Patriots’ offense look a little lost out there.  Meanwhile, Drew Brees was almost flawless, connecting with so many different receivers that (luckily) HollyCornblog was only able to pull out a tie in her attempt to unseat JBD and me as the reigning queens of FFootball.  (It was close … and one more receiving yard for Robert Meacham would have made all the difference.)  Meanwhile, SirHitsAlot (aka Mo) went down in flames at the hands of Maddog (aka ChristopherCornblog) who owns Drew Brees.

Note to self … next year try to draft Drew Brees and Chris Johnson!

What else?  Is there anything else?

Well, Maurice Hinchey is making some interesting allegations about the rationale for the Bush administration’s failure to capture Bin Laden when they pretty much had him.

Oh, and Sarah Palin continues to amaze us with her hypocrisy, as her down homey “bus” tour is, in typical fashion, actually a pricey jet tour.  Why not just f–king be honest?  Can you imagine what it’s like to live inside of her skin?

The disconnects verge on dissociation … but hose GOPers just don’t seem to mind.

Finally, here’s Tony DiCicco on TV coverage of soccer … and the WPS referees.  Guess he’s softened his stance a wee bit .. having had time to reflect … or something!  (What I’d actually like to hear about is what happened with you and A-Rod this past season.  I’ve a feeling she’s gonna be amazing for Philly come spring.  Just a feeling … err pheeling!)

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  1. boltgirl says:

    Jordan, can you shoot me an e-mail? I have formatting questions and don’t want to clog your comments. jane@desert.com


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