Snowe's Back, FFootball and a New Blog!

Guess We'll Shovel the DeckNo pun intended (okay, it is) but Snowe’s back!  (This effectively neutralizes the smarmy Joe … an especially nice development.)

And, in the natural world (as opposed to the unnatural, I guess), snow’s back, too. It’s good to know that my exercise today will consist in shoveling, as we celebrate (and clear) the first snow of the year.

It’s a March-like concoction, but no complaints from me.  (Those will come in March … and you’ll all hear ’em loud and clear!  But for now it’s a wonderful and welcome transformation of our world!)

Sounds like the whole east coast got this wet snowfall.  We watched Villanova pulverize UNH last night in football down on a snowy Main Line (ugly, ugly game if you’re a UNH fan).

First SnowHere’s the sun coming up through the snow-covered crabapple’s branches.

One of our cats escaped onto the deck as I was taking this shot and is, I am sure, regreting her impulsive dash now … as she shivers out there under one of the Adirondak chairs and (with a singular lack of success) tries to flick the wet snow off of her paws.

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew spent Saturday up at the lake and, I am sure, will have some photos of the snow up there.

Morning LightAnd last, but not least, here is the snowy view up the hill behind the house and into the deeper woods.  I sure hope hunting season ends soon, as this will make it much harder for the deer to avoid their stalkers.

On the FFoot ball front, I am in a terrible quandry about my wide receivers.  Do I play Calvin Johnson (struggling with injuries but still Megatron), or Kenny Britt (on a roll, along with his Titans), or Mike Wallace (part of an angry Steelers team that is likely to put up big numbers today)?

Alice, I am counting on you to let me know what to do before noontime, okay?

In the other football world, here’s an enjoyable piece about one of the newest Breakers – Tiffany Weimer – I am SO looking forward to seeing her play!

Last night we heard femme m’amie sing at the Canterbury Shaker Village.  They come out of retirement for special occasions (especially at the Village) and always wow the crowd.  The woman sitting next to me last night commented, “They never should have been allowed to stop singing.  There should have been a law!”

And now … to the blog.  It’s a new discovery and a thoroughly enjoyable (and informative) read.  Nourishing Words explores the wide world of food, gardening, the environment … and related subjects.  I’m adding it to the sidebar here and have signed up for regular nourishment via the feed.

One of my personal goals for the coming year is to be more aware and thoughtful about my health (and especially what I eat – a generally neglected area for yours truly).  Looking forward to perusing Nourishing Words as the coming year unfolds!  As a sample of the fare on Nourishing Words, here’s a thought-provoking post on the impact of gratitude!

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3 Responses to Snowe's Back, FFootball and a New Blog!

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  2. JordanCornblog says:

    Thanks, Alice … and phantastic seeing you at the phemmes last night!


  3. Alice says:

    Phooey to Phootball, both phantasy and otherwise. I say more photos–they are phabulous.


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