Ramble On

As we prepare for the season of giving, I find it rather ironic that we, as a nation, are faced with the biggest decision of people or profits. I was going to discuss the urgent message sent out by the national leg of my organization, begging people to get in contact with their Senators to vote down an amendment by Sen. Ensign of Nevada to limit plaintiff attorney fees in medical malpractice cases. I wanted to delve into the tactic used by insurance companies to inject negativity and criticism geared towards taking away consumer rights by stripping them of their ability to hire an attorney to receive representation when they have been harmed by the actions of others.

But, I’ve decided to take a lighter route. Who really wants to hear about yet another right that the Bush Administration had worked adamantly to take away from us in its 8 years of office? You know, it’s not only those crazy liberals who want to pounce on the magnificent document laid about by our founding fathers many, many years ago. Those damn conservatives LOVE to attack the ol’ 7th Amendment Right. And rightfully so! Relying on a jury of our peers is so….so……democratic in its design and structure.

No, tonight, it’s all about me. Me and my bum shoulder, that is. Last week, I decided it would not hurt me to assume the position of goalkeeper for just one night. This, despite warnings from an orthopedic surgeon last year stating that I was not to play goalie again if I hoped to avoid further damage. But, what is one night!? Apparently, he was right.

Being the jockette that I am, it’s hard to see when I am doing things that harm my body instead of help it. Too many years of pushing through the pain has left me with a foolish mentality for pain management. I know that I messed up and I want to make it right. I want to apologize to my aching limb by doing the only thing I know will help it – more physical therapy.

In theory, I’m “better” now. I no longer resemble John McCain in that my range of motion now exceeds 90 degrees. But, it’s still “broken” and probably will be for the rest of my life. And tomorrow I will take on the daunting task of trying to get yet another referral for a few weeks of PT to make things right again.

We’ll see if good old Anthem recognizes this as preventative medicine. Given my past experience, I highly doubt that they hold the capacity for making such a logical determination. We are talking about getting back the services and care for which I am paying premiums for in the first place.

Am I grateful for having insurance coverage in the first place? Absolutely! Do I think that there is serious room for improvement in our current health care system? You betcha!

In the spirits of the holidays, let’s hope that Senate can put us one step closer towards having a system that puts the focus on the people and not on the profits that have dictated our health care system for far too long.

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