Let It Snow!

Woodpile1OMG – when I got up this morning there was nary a flake.  Now it’s accumulating at a pretty good clip.  Should be an interesting drive to work (my maiden voyage in the new Accent with its new snow tires).  Wish me luck … wish everyone luck!

Wonder how the newest woodpile will look by tomorrow …

Anyway, speaking of luck, I was thinking yesterday about things I am grateful for and oddly enough, the first thing that popped into my head was the thankfulness I feel that I am not Tiger Woods.  Never occurred to me before – but it’s definitely true these days.

Meanwhile, it sounds like there is movement on healthcare reform … and the Senate has beaten back a restrictive abortion amendment … for now.

Oh, and Alice and I went to see The Damned United last night at Red River.  (Sidebar review to be added tonight!)  It’s a nice character study and an enjoyable soccer flick … and Red River is always worth a visit!

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