Snow, Spam, and Other Stuff

Thanks to JBD for doing the lion’s share of the shoveling of yesterday’s wet snow (that then got sleeted-upon in the evening).  By the time I got home, there was just the deck to be cleared.  The digging-out-of -the-chiminea will have to wait ’til Saturday.  They’re predicting sun for today – so hopefully we won’t have a lot of icing.  Hate to start off the winter with ice!  But sure is beautiful, whatever the actual consistency of the white stuff.  I’m not complaining.  As long as I have ibuprofen (and JBD), I’m good!

On the spam front, I’ve been noticing, over the past couple of months, a major onslaught of spam that appears to be in Russian.  Anyone else seeing this?  I’m worried that I might be deleting, not spam, but trenchant comments from JordanCornblog readers in Moscow.  Maybe I’ll attempt a translation of the next crop of comments.  (And I will, of course, share the results – interesting or not.)

In baseball news, I am bummed to see that the Red Sox are apparently sending Mike Lowell to Texas.    I hate to see him go.  Baseball can be a cold business.

And speaking of cold, the GOP continues to be the GOP … leaving me asking, as always, “What’s the point?”

Meanwhile, Barack and Michelle are in Oslo … where a strange light appeared in the sky (really) that has folks baffled and speculating.

Shepherds?  Wise men?  Anyone biting?


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2 Responses to Snow, Spam, and Other Stuff

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    LOL – a VERY unusual twist!


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