Memory and Other Miscellaney

Ah yes, memory. Last night I was watching Villanova versus William and Mary when my couch-mate made a comment about which I immediately thought, “Hmmmm, I wonder if Boltgirl has written about that?”  Of course I didn’t write it down, and this morning, except for the fact that it happened, I can’t remember a damn thing about the details.

But she has written a lovely piece about memory and this time of year.

I do believe that we carry with us somewhere, everything that has happened to us. Everything that we have seen, tasted, smelled, experienced. With time and effort, I also believe that we could probably access just about everything – depending on how tenacious, open, and long-lived we are.

So it’s interesting to know that as I do my work at work, and sleep, and eat, and walk through my days I carry inside the colorful weave of every moment that has preceded my present one.  Yup – there’s my mother’s noisy late-night harangue on November 9, 1965: the entirety of the first Spice Girls movie; the desk I was sitting at the night the news of John Lennon’s murder came over the radio; the mailbox at the corner of Park and Bewley Roads in Havertown, PA; drinking orange juice on spring’s first warm, sunny morning in late March of 1956; and Christmas dinner at my grandparents house in 1967 (when we drove there through a snowstorm and heard “Penny Lane” on the radio) … etc., etc., etc..

I find that comforting, with the possible exception of the Spice Girls movie.

So what else? I see that the Phillies are front runners in the race to acquire Roy Halladay. Apparently they aren’t going to be sacrificing Hamels in the process either. I like it that the Phillies are being recognized as the class of the National League, and their main hope for duking it out with the AL. Right on!  Check Crashburn Alley for the latest on this breaking story … ;>)

Oh, and I’m still glad that I’m not Tiger. Probably smart for him to take some time. Probably good that at least his kids are young enough that these will be blurry memories at best. I never pay very much attention to Tiger, either way, but if he can get his shit together, more power to him. Sounds like he’s been behaving like a sleaze ball though – and you can read all about it ohn The Huffington Post’s Tiger Woods Big News Page.  (Note to self: this is probably not something to aspire to.)

In contrast, I came upon an article in which Kelly Smith describes her struggles with alcohol and depression early on in her career. I guess the upside of being a female athlete is that, for the most part, you can go through your struggles without the glare of publicity, and then decided when (or whether) you want to share your journey. I admire her for being forthright — and for recognizing and addressing her problems.

Okay, time to get rolling.  On today’s agenda … digging out the chiminea and doing some cleaning of the basement. among other things.  Have a good one!

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6 Responses to Memory and Other Miscellaney

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  2. Alice says:

    Oh, it’s the number you use to access your ATM account or your internet accounts, aka password.


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    Alice – what’s a pass code?


  4. Alice says:

    I love the idea of those serendipitous associations that you describe, but it’s a rare occurrence for me and, sadly, when a memory is sparked, more often than not the association is fear or anxiety tinged. Must be the fault of that damn pass code I misplaced.


  5. JordanCornblog says:

    Truth or Dare at the Rat Palace? Definitely.

    I hear you on the short-term front. We probably just need to defrag our brains.

    But don’t you find random and obscure recollections rising to the surface with all the freshness of reality? I sure do … and then it’s fun to try nd figure out why THAT particular event popped up out of the pile of memories.

    It can be things as simple as rounding a familiar corner on the walk home from school in 5th grade. I love the vividness with which some of those sights/sounds/smells can return.



  6. Alice says:

    How about the Madonna movie! Do you remember that one?

    I hate being a wet blanket, but as I am increasingly challenged by short-term memory glitches, I find myself more and more skeptical about those memories, both long and short, being stored for each of us to access. Or is it that we must each find our own personal key to unlock them. Oh where, oh where did I put my pass code?


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