Judd the Dud (or is That Dudd), Then Some Better Stuff

This morning I was greeted by a nice piece in the Concord Monitor (our local paper) decrying the obstructive tactics of our erstwhile Senator (that’s Judd Gregg – Jeanne Shaheen is slightly less erstwhile – but only slightly). For the first time, I can appreciate the positive aspects of a lame duck (yup, that’s you Sarah) leaving office before the end of his/her term. Unfortunately, Judd has stuck around and is contributing nothing but trouble, without fear of consequence. Bummer.

On a much more positive note, I wanted to share a story that I heard on NPR yesterday about the company run by two RPI grads called ecovative design. They make things like packing material and insulation out of organic, biodegradable materials – mushrooms being a key ingredient. You can just add their packing material to the compost heap where it degrades into soil.


I had a few questions about the insulation, and haven’t been able to explore the site enough to find answers. Basically, am wondering what keeps this organic insulation material from “composting” in the walls of the house. Also wondering whether it will attract more critters. I’m sure the answers are somewhere on the site.

Also I’ve been interested to read about the controversy that e-books have introduced into the publishing world — this over the rights to material published long before e-books existed. It seems to me that it ought to be possible to negotiate some sort of equitable solution. Sounds like a big piece of this problem is the publishers wanting to share only a very small percentage of the sales. Yet their overhead is so small — I don’t really get why they’re struggling on this.

Today ChristopherCornblog and JBD will be dragging home our Christmas tree — an annual event that I am convinced is always puzzling to the dogs. In other “chore” news (you were waiting for this, right?) I got the basement in shape for exercising yesterday, but have yet to shovel out the chiminea. Gotta get cracking on that so that we’re dug out enough to welcome what sounds like another snow storm on the way.

Yippee for winter!

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