Face of Evil-A JordanCornblog Rant

Want to know what’s really evil?  It’s not the evil-doers so glibly labeled by the former administration.

No, the stench of rottenness is much closer by.  Festering right in our midst.

dana-dykhouseIt’s the red-faced, doughy, satisfied, comfortable, familiar-looking guys like Dana Dykhouse.  Big GOP contributors who make their money by running businesses that continue to take advantage of desperate people.  Shame on you sir, as Keith Olbermann might say.  Shame on you.

So what, exactly, is his gig?  It’s First Premier Bank.  Get one of their credit cards when you are most in need and you’ll be paying as much as 79.9% interest.

I would be willing to bet my house (okay, make that my car-it’s winter in NH, after all) that this dude is a regular church-goer.  A good evangelical.  Someone who probably appreciates the views of Sarah Palin and feels that his good fortune has something to do with God smiling on him and blessing his enterprises.

But I want to know more about you, Dana.  What church do you go to?  What was your mama like?  Did your daddy ignore you so that you are simmering with anger deep down inside?  Did he hit you to keep you in line?  What makes you able to carry on, Dana Dykhouse .. making money by creating misery for the most vulnerable among us?

His world view is smooth and all-encompassing – like a thick glass enclosure.  No places where you might get uncomfortably snagged by reality.  Nope – his is a world view that admits no doubt.  That’s what I imagine about Dana Dykstra.

He’ll search the Bible to shore up his views on homosexuality and abortion.  Usury?  Not so much.

So there’s really no point in asking him questions like … “Have you no shame?  No core values?”  He would just look at you like you were crazy – a silly liberal asking impractical questions of a solid businessman and stalwart pillar of the community.

So I am left hoping that you have gout, Dana Dykstra, and bowel problems, and are unable to enjoy your food …  oh, and that you sleep very badly.  I hope your kids hate you.  And I sincerely hope that your wife keeps a bottle of Schnapps hidden somewhere in the house, embarrasses you at social events, and is impossible to please.

And what of the shareholders in First Premier Bank?  And what of Dana’s buddies at the Minnehaha Country Club (where Dana is – or was – the President).  It’s a drag that people of this ilk are pillars of ANY community.

So, yes, by all means, let’s protect our borders so that all those bad bogeymen (and women) that want to hurt us can’t get in … meanwhile, the smoothest and blandest of the evildoers sip martini’s and play golf in posh settings from Sioux Falls to Sarasota.

The strangest thing, to me, is that the people most hurt by these guys are the most likely to vote for the politicians who allow them to continue their evil ways.

The amount of dishonesty (and cognitive dissonance) that the citizens of America are able to tolerate is truly mind-boggling.

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2 Responses to Face of Evil-A JordanCornblog Rant

  1. I am so with you, Paula … the blood is pumping … and I am gonna take a break from it and focus on the doffee … the present … maybe the food shopping as well! Have a great day!


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    Well Jordy, I had not heard of this fella, but now you have my heart rate a pumpin’..and so early in the morning…I am kinda trying to put my head in the sand ( or snow) for awhile, as I am finding myself increasingly disappointed in the whole lot from Obama on down..I am truly thinking that not one of the politicians in DC really care about the people. Its all politics as usual. The never ending cycle of looking to the next election instead of standing for something NOW and getting it done..ok, back to being focused on my good cuppa coffee and being in the present…have a good weekend.


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