Saturday's Mixed Bag

So that was a pretty un-holiday-ish rant yesterday, eh?

Clearly the holiday spirit continues to elude me. I could get going again, reading about the Copenhagen deal that Obama is lauding.  Seriously?  The AP has summarized the agreement, which, had it come about 8, 10, 15, 20 years ago MIGHT be a good start.  It’s awfully late for good starts, though.  This is discouraging, and it’s one of many areas where I agree with pundits (or at least one pundit – whose name I don’t recall) who want Obama to come out, WIELD POWER and LEAD.

Healthcare reform is another such area.  Reform, as the days pass, is a term to be used more and more lightly, it seems, as insurance, pharmaceutical and other special interest groups gnaw and nibble away at the meaningful changes in the bill.

These situations seem reflective of our national lack of stomach (or backbone) when it comes to sacrificing current comfort for a more just and equitable system – or for a viable future.  Business interests are going to be avaricious and rapacious – I suppose there’s no getting around that.  But we voters need to see through it – and our politicians, pundits and media sources need to be less in their pockets.  It just ain’t that way now – and the consequences are frightening.

We can get whipped into a frenzy and happily invade another country for no good reason at all.  It seems that fear and anger are the only things that pull us out of complacency.  The GOP is marvelous at using that to further their ends.  And yet when real threats present themselves, we turn away … I dunno, maybe it’s too complicated or something.  Anyway, we take our eye off the ball, as the planet is destroyed and the likes of Lieberman (and on and on and on) gut healthcare reform in service of the powerful interests that profit from our broken system.

It’s the same here in NH … a State that stupidly prides itself on having “no taxes.”  It’s a sham, but we are very, very pleased with ourselves nonetheless.  Meanwhile the property taxes are killing people, the schools and infrastructure suffer, and we are nickle-and-dimed by hidden taxes (can you say car registration?  And how about the latest ploy?).

Then there’s the dredging up of Ken Starr, Monica Lewinsky, and all that good stuff.  I can’t help but think that, had it not been for that little pecadillo, Al Gore would have been elected President in 2000, steps would have been taken to address climate change … maybe 9/11 wouldn’t have happened … and on and on.

Dubya and Dick wouldn’t ever be on my mind.  Ahhhh.  Perhaps most notably, Joe Lieberman would have remained just the Democratic Senator from Connecticut – sans the opportunity to make his moralistic, ego-inflating pronouncements about old Bill that made him an interesting VP candidate for Al.  God, Bill – the impact of your appetites on history is mind boggling!

One bit of wonderful news in JordanCornblogLand … Villanova defeated Montana last night to take their first NCAA FCS title (that’s Football Championship Subdivision).  Yahoo!!

Okay – there is more wonderful news, too!  RPE comes home tonight for the holidays … the heat on the first floor appears to be working again … JBD has the lights on the tree … and New Orleans plays Dallas tonight in what should be a good game (and hopefully another win for the Saints).

And this morning I remember DaddyCornblog, who died 15 years ago today.  Hey, Dad, the Phillies made it to the World series again this year (after winning last year).  Better yet, your Iggles are doing great and look to be play-off bound … unlike in ’94, when they broke your heart (again).

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