No Rants Today … Well, Maybe a Wee One

Remember that “LLC Tax” that I mentioned as a newish development here in NH?  Just another way to get money and pretend we don’t have actual TAXES here?  Well, here’s a quick update from an unnamed source … 😉

As it turns out that little tax is already in effect.  Done deal – without any public hearing and with very little review or vetting by legislators. The way the tax will work is that what an LLC takes (and what the state deems fair and reasonable) will be considered a “dividend” subject to a tax of 5%. Corporations are not subject to the same provisions.  And check this out … the fed tax rate on dividends for C corps is 20% while LLC partnerships associations are taxed at 35%. Oh, and one last bit of good news … the tax is effective January 1 2009. Yup, that’s 2009. Nicely done, NH!

Okay … I’m all ranted out for the time being and turning my attention to sports (a much more pleasant venue, overall, now that the Tiger Tempest has died down a bit).  Soooo … while I wait for the snow to start falling, here are a few tidbits …

I had been feeling a tad sorry for Cliff Lee, who indicated that he wanted to stay in Philly and was surprised at the Seattle deal.  Had also been very puzzled about why the Phillies would give up a chance to have two aces when it appeared they could have.  I appreciated reading this post on crashburnalley today – clears things up for me.  Sounds like Cliff made the same mistake that Johnny Damon did with the Yankees – overplaying his cards and losing out on his slot (if, indeed, he wanted it).  I am disappointed that Cliff seems to have been disingenuous in his subsequent comments, however.  Surprise?  It doesn’t sound like the trade should have come as a surprise … unless his agent wasn’t keeping him in the loop.

The USWNT wrapped up their training camp for 2009 with their eye on the 2011 World Cup.

The WPS Announced their home openers … with the Breakers opening up at Harvard Stadium against the Philadelphia Independence … bringing Heather Mitts and Amy Rodriguez back to Cambridge for the day.  I don’t know about you, but I fully expect A-rod to tear up the pitch on Sunday, April 18th … just to show Tony.

Christine Sinclair has been named Canada’s top female soccer player.  At 26, she’s got some very impressive stats!

Also this past year, Sinclair tied Andrea Neil’s Canadian mark for most career appearances (132) and passed Charmaine Hooper for most career starts (129). She’s Canada’s all-time goal scorer (99) and all-time leader in minutes played (11,706)

I was going to include something about healthcare compromises, but that would turn into a rant.  Instead – and with no attempt at logic, I randomly share this link offering info about sites where you can access free e-books for your Kindle.

With that, I am done.  I am happy to report that the snow has started.  Time for breakfast (and Go Eagles!)  😉

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