Monday Morning Quarterbacking

The Senate is lumbering along and healthcare reform appears to be on track to be our Christmas gift this year.  Like many gifts from relatives we’ve lost touch with (aka our representatives in Congress), it’s a mixed bag.

I tend to agree with Paul Krugman that, as a first step, it’s very important and very meaningful.  However, as he notes, the whole process underscores some ways that the government itself seems to be heading toward (or pretty much embedded in) paralysis.

And the substance of the bill has been so nibbled at and tweaked and undermined, that much, much work lies ahead for Progressives.

One can hope that, as we move forward, the craven self-interest of GOP obstructionists and the Joe Liebermans of the world will lead to their defeat at the polls.

One can hope.

On the actual Monday morning quarterbacking front, there were some big surprises in the NFL … and on the FFootball front.  We bid a sad good-bye to Flying Pigs – who put up a valiant effort but in the end couldn’t argue with the 43 points that Aaron Rodgers put up for the Seacoast Salukies.  Meanwhile, the battle between wannabees and the 2 Blitzen’ Babes will not be resolved until tonight.  In their effort to win, the Blitzen’ Babes cast aside all scruples and picked up a NY Giants receiver.  (Clearly, a moment of weakness for JordanCornblog.)

Okay – enough dawdling – time to start the day!

Oh, and Happy Solstice!

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2 Responses to Monday Morning Quarterbacking

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    … and good luck wannabees! May the better team win (and may the Giants lose, no matter what)!


  2. Doris says:

    clearly a moment of panic and desperation!! Good Luck 2 Blitzen Babes!


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