FFootball and Other Follies

Unbelievably, the 2 Bllitzen Babes are in the final against Seacoast Salukies … after last night’s game ended in a tie with wannabees.  (Not only that, but in round 1 of the play-off’s, the Babes, wannabees, and Flying Pigs all scored exactly 98 points … what are the odds of that?)  Meanwhile Seacoast had 136.  It could be ugly this coming week!

I realize, of course, that you did not ask about this, but I am late … and more or less avoiding the news.

If you have time, however, you should visit Boltirl and check out the bizarre video and great commentary from Rachel Maddow about the latest crazy Republican shit

I think that’s plenty of foolishness for one day … but check out AMR’s post below.  Glad you didn’t just “take it” – sounds like a challenging night in Bow!

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4 Responses to FFootball and Other Follies

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hey there – sounds cool. For uploading stuff, you should try either POsterous or Scribd. At this point I am thinking that Posterous is the more flexible. You can create a group that is password protected so it isn’t viewable to the whole world – and could include everyone in your class as contributors – so they’d all be able to post. Scribd is good for uploading documents to the web … but I’m not sure what else it does – or how it would do with videos, etc. As for wikis – I know nothing about them (ah, cool – something new to explore)! 😉

    Maybe you should task your students with setting this up … for extra credit! 🙂

    What journals? 😉

    PS Assuming your e-mail hasn’t changed, I’ll send this along as an e-mail, too – so you’ll have my address.


  2. CB says:

    Hey, I need help. I’m looking to set up an online site for my journalism class where we can upload student work, including videos and podcasts, and also establish a wiki (am I using the term correctly?) so everyone can edit each other’s work. Of course, I don’t want to spend a penny on this.
    I checked out posterous but I’m confused about what it does. Do you have a suggestion? I would have emailed you but I’ve lost track of your current email address. By the way, how does this site always know me and my email address?
    P.S. Did you ever imagine that all those journals would lead to this???


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    That is very generous of you … 😉 I must say, I am a little nervous!


  4. Doris says:

    Congrats on your win Jordy! I am looking forward to watching you turn Seacoast into Seacrust next week. You GO 2 BLITZEN BABES!!


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