Too Late

I’m running too late this morning to even pretend to write anything worth reading here.  But can’t resist a few words about Allison Caldwell.

I did check out the letter to the editor referenced by AMR in her post yesterday.  Good old Allison Caldwell – a NH institution.  Homophobic, anti-semitic, racist, and vociferous to boot.

Reading his vitriol, I am always reminded of projection and sublimation and reaction formation and other tools of the wounded psyche.  (For his is clearly a seriously wounded psyche.)

These days, particularly with the virulently homophobic stuff – I tend to read it as the writer’s twisted way of coming out.  Kinda like Ted whatever-his-name-is (that evangelical preacher who was caught visiting the gay prostitute) and all those other rabidly anti-sin right-wingers who are later found to surreptitiously indulge in various forms of whatever it is that they so loudly decry.

The more poisoned the pen the more powerful and deeply buried the attraction, I’m thinking.

So foment away, Allison – you’re just showing us the shadow selves that you are struggling to suppress.

On a more uplifting note, tune in for UConn vs. Stanford on ESPN2 at 5:30PM (ET) as the top two teams in women’s b-ball face off for the first time this year.  Who’s your pick?  Mo, are you out there?  Would love to get your take on this one (we all know what Dewd thinks)!

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