While the snow squalls continued yesterday in NH, and ChristopherCornblog experimented with the wovel, strange things were happening down in the flatlands of Massachusetts.

That normally, reliably sane populace went right off the deep end.  It was worse than what we’ve seen in states where we expect that kind of behavior.  Strange and unsettling.  There’s a new Senator … and a new political landscape.  (And I sure wish that Teddy had taken better care of himself.)

This piece – Seduced by Our New Senator – by Brian McGrory of the Globe is the best explanation I’ve read yet on what happened.  He captures the way I’m feeling perfectly …

I’m going to need some Advil and a cold compress, please. I’m the Massachusetts Electorate, and I have what is bar none the absolute worst hangover of my entire voting life.

Go Keith!


Here’s Scott Brown back in the day …


And on a happier note, here’s a recap of the WPS Draft from

Breakers, ya done good!

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3 Responses to Brownout

  1. truth says:

    Here’s the stat that brings it all home: After the primary, Scott Brown ran 66 events. Martha Coakley? 19 events.

    Plus he saturated the TV with ads and she didn’t respond for almost 3 weeks.



  2. Alison Scott says:

    I remember hearing how actively Ted pressured the Massachusetts state legislature to change protocol so that the governor would select the successor. Wonder why they dragged their heels! Grinding my teeth in Francestown…


  3. Ski says:

    I think Martha being female and single or at least without a handsome set of kids at her side worked against her. Massachusetts mourns.


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