Wake Me Up When November Ends

What a difference one year makes. Who would have thought that an anniversary of such large proportions could be overshadowed by an event of such……patheticness (yes, I made that up) ? My fellow liberals sulked around – their eyes filled with doubt and their guts in knots. This is NOT how we expected January 20, 2010 to be.

In the heat of the moment, I swore off politics and policy.  Why the hell should I care so much?  But, the truth is, I do care.  I cannot imagine being an “uneducated” voter or, worse yet, not being a voter at all.  To settle my mind, I decided to do a little research (as usual).  The conclusion left me feeling sicker than hearing Scott Brown pimp out his daughter on national television.

So, the popular phrase I heard today was “Scott Brown will listen to his constituents!”  Since a state by state breakdown is simply too much work for this tired soul, I decided to explore this statement a bit further at the presidential level.  Who, truly, are a candidates constituents?  And, just as important, who really counts?

In the 2008 Presidential Elections, there were roughly 132 million voters.  Sounds pretty damn good, right?  That actually works out to about only 44% of Americans.  So, already, we’ve eliminated more than half of all US citizens in my “constituent” category.

Obama won by a margin of, roughly, 53% to 46% over McCain.  So now we’re talking about really only one-quarter of Americans who voted to have Obama as their President.  Technically speaking (in my mind only, of course), Obama’s constituent base consists of about 70 million people.

So, can someone tell me who the hell the President is trying to appease to?  Please don’t tell me that it’s the 61 million who didn’t want a thing to do with him.  Who flocked to the polls and did their best to keep him out of the Oval Office, and, more importantly, would rather have had Sarah Palin in power than him.

Please tell me that this whole fiasco is the biggest wake-up call for our political leaders to get their heads out of their asses and start moving forward with their agendas.  Because if this isn’t, I don’t know what is.  Pass the damn health care reform.  Focus on job growth and placing real controls on Wall Street.  Coakley may not have been the most amazing candidate to grace a Massachusetts’ Senate Race but she sure as hell beat the alternative.  I don’t think I can handle too many more “alternatives” heading to Washington come November.

For a different (and far more comical) analysis, watch Jon Stewart’s “Mass Backward” clip.

The clock is ticking, guys.  Question is, will you be collecting your unemployment check come January 20, 2011?

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