Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Okay, yesterday was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  How amazing to think about that decision on the heels of the recent SCOTUS debacle.  So in honor of Roe v. Wade, HollyCornblog suggests that we visit the Angryblackbitch to read her post from yesterday – Blog for Choice – Not a PLea or a Request but a Demand.  And you can check out the other Blog for Choice blogs here.

Here’s a bit of interesting advocacy work that Boltgirl (rained in as she is) totally beat me to.  Cindy McCain has come out in support of Gay Marriage.  A little late, but …

Of course the cynical part of me thinks she likes the photo … or is really, really mad at John about something … after all, as noted in HuffPo, “For many involved with the equal marriage battle, it will be difficult to square this glamorous, newly-liberated vision in the NoH8 ad campaign with the elegant, enameled 2009-edition Cindy McCain, cheering and clapping at Sarah Palin’s rallies and speeches.”

Hard to know another’s heart … so let’s just say “Good for you, Cindy – hope there’s more where that came from!” and leave it at that.

Meanwhile JD Hayworth … Arizona teabagger [sic] and talk show host … looks like he may be planning a run against John.  So it’s been a bad week for Senator McCain.

Oh, but take heart, John … at least your last name isn’t Edwards!  Bet John and Elizabeth can’t wait for Andrew Young’s book to come out.

If these were people of stature, this would have the trappings of tragedy.  As it is, though, sordid is the word that comes more readily to mind.  Mark Sanford must feel positively righteous!

As a healthy antidote to all this sordidness, I read, quite happily, on BigSoccer that the WPS schedules this year have more games (24, I believe … official schedules will be posted in February) and will run into early September.  For season ticket holders in Boston who brave the April sleet, stretching out into an early September game or two sure sounds lovely!  (So lets get those home play-off games locked away this year, Breakers, okay?)

Here’s a snippet about Maggie Tomecka … Breakers’ midfielder and resident anesthesiologist!

And on the Phillies phront … here’s a nice piece from Crashburn Alley about where the team stands, personnel-wise, entering the 2010 season.  Sounds like Jayson Werth may be gone after next year.  His performance in 2010 will be all about winning for the Phillies AND putting himself in a position to command a HUGE contract going forward.  It’ll be interesting to see how that works out … he certainly seems a star on the rise, if he continues on his current trajectory.

Finally – here are some sites I was playing with last night – for your weekend noodling around:

Birth Records Search is free and lets you search for friends’ and family members’ birthdays with just a few pieces of info.  I couldn’t find myself … but finding myself has never been my forte!

On the flip side of the coin, the Social Security Death Index lets you search their database for dates-of-death, should you have occasion to need such information.  I searched for my great aunts and found both – and this database includes birthdates, too.

And last (really) Concord’s own Matt Bonner (of San Antonio Spurs fame) has a blog – The Sandwich Hunter.  Nice one, Matt!

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