Intellectual Dishonesty

I’m off, shortly, as ChristopherCornblog and I head out with JBD to help move her Mom’s things out of her apartment.  A sad piece of the grieving process that can be shocking in its very mundane-ness.

In the meantime, here is a piece by Ruth Marcus from the Washington Post about the stunning intellectual dishonesty of last week’s decision by SCOTUS.

Many of those commenting on the decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission have focused on the power-grab part. I agree with them. It was unnecessary for the court to go so far when there were several less-radical grounds available. It was audacious to seize the opportunity to overrule precedents when the parties had not pressed this issue and the lower courts had not considered it. It was the height of activism to usurp the judgments of Congress and state legislatures about how best to prevent corruption of the political process.

“If it is not necessary to decide more, it is necessary not to decide more,” a wise judge once wrote. That was Chief Justice John G. Roberts — back when — and dissenting Justice John Paul Stevens rightly turned that line against him.

As bad as the court’s activism, though, was its shoddy scholarship.

Read on …

Can we impeach one or two of these duds .. er, I mean dudes?

In other news … who do you have winning today, Mo?

Sorry to say it, but I am kinda hoping for an upset in the early game … and then for the Saints to keep marching.  (Hope Reggie B is at full strength!)

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